"How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure"
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If you want to overcome the "Fear Of Failure" and become confident, assertive, and unstoppable!

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As a multi-passionate soulful artist, one of my top values is "Significance and Support" 


I am Mira, 

since my childhood I had 1 big dream, to become a successful mega singer.

My artistic journey was full of challenging adventures. I had to build my career on my own, having zero support, facing rejections, obstacles, setbacks, fears, insecurities, self-doubt... You name it!

Today, I am on a mission!

To empower and inspire enthusiastic souls and creative entrepreneurs who are in doubt, standing on their own, working so hard to hit success and prove their worth...

I combined all my expertise and experiences from singing, acting, mentoring, coaching, theta healing and created the “Make It Happen” method.

"To help you turn your fears into bold actions, build up your confident voice and become assertive! So you can create visibility and thrive in your entrepreneurial journey and in the life that you aspire"


Whenever you're in doubt remember this: "You are the artist of your life and you are limitless, so show up for your dreams with a confident voice and make it happen!"


I'll see you at the workshop!


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