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How To
Sell My Expertise
Through Epic Online

The Online Business
Summer School

And Learn From Europe’s #1 Online Business Mentor!

Have you BEEN in the ONLINE BUSINESS for a while BUT

The RESULTS AREN'T meeting your EXPECTATIONS & hard efforts?

Do you WISH to START your online business BUT



Come Join Us for FREE in the Online Business Summer School

‘Because All That You Need Is In There’ 

What will you LEARN in this Online BUSINESS Summer SCHOOL?

This Online Business Summer School Is For ?

Service-Based Entrepreneurs like:

“Artists, Creatives, Singers, Actors, Painters, Photographers, Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Beauticians, Language Teachers, Dog Trainers, Copywriters, Photographers, Yoga Instructors…”

And Who Have Or Haven’t An Online Business YET
And Who
  • Want to learn how to set up their business online (Form A to Z)
  • Looking for an efficient & complete strategy on how they can turn & sell their expertise, skills, services through digital courses, masterclasses & webinar
  • Aspire the support, help & guidance from the ‘World’s Top Mentors’
  • Aim to grow their sales & client base
  • Want to learn how to target the right audience and clients in their marketing strategies…


If That Sounds Like You
Then, This Summer School Is For  You 


By joining the Online Business Summer School you’ll get access to EXCLUSIVE WORKSHOPS & training from my mentor Sigrun.

As well as, you’ll have a focused GROUP COACHING CALL & a Q&A call with me, every Friday of these 4 weeks! 

Who will GUIDE YOU & SUPPORT YOU in the
Online Business Summer School ?

My mentor Sigrun

My mentor Sigrun

Who BUILT her own 7-FIGURE BUSINESS  following the same STRATEGY that she’ll TEACH YOU, in this Summer School!

Hi I’m Sigrun.


After 7 years in business and $10 million in revenue and teaching this process to thousands of other successful entrepreneurs, I can assure you that it creates results.


For the last 7 years I’ve helped entrepreneurs like yourself take their offline business online, start new online businesses, and grow established online businesses to six and seven figures. And here’s what I know for sure: If they can do it? YOU can do it, too!


So if you feel that now is your time to take action (which it is!) and you’re ready to achieve all your business goals in 2021, then secure your FREE ticket to Online Business Summer School now.

And myself, Mira

And myself, Mira

As a creative artist, I HAD ZERO KNOWLEDGE about the online world, I also was SO SCARED TO START this process because I WAS NOT DIGITAL SAVVY, I am simply an artist!

In January 2020 I told myself: "IT'S NOW OR NEVER"
It's when I INVESTED in SOMBA my mentor's KICKSTART A to Z PROGRAM that changed my life...

I am Mira,

“I help shy creatives get over the fear of visibility by turning their insecurities into bold actions & making the best of their limitless potential & so they can show up with an authentic voice, sell their work with confidence and shine with their uniqueness!”

I joined the “Somba Kickstart” having no business neither the know-how of the online world…

And in 1 year only I created and founded:

The “Make It Happen”  method
Several online courses such as “Rewire Your Brain For Success”, “Thrive Again” and “Make It Happen”
“Take That Leap” group coaching program
2 eBooks and various masterclasses, workshops, webinars, and much more!

In the summer school, you’ll get to know all about it & I am so excited for you!

Online Business Summer School

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